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Dažai šventiniam makiažui moterims, vaikams, artistams 12 FLASH COLOR CASE, Make up for Ever, 70g

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Dažai šventiniam makiažui moterims, vaikams, artistams.

Gamintojas: MAKE UP FOR EVER (Prancūzija)

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12 Flash Color Case Our Grease Paints are packaged in a 12-color case to provide professional make-up artists with the colors they need for any type of artistic make-up or special effects coloring. These thick, creamy tones flawlessly cover the skin. The colors can be easily shaded together to obtain a wide variety of effects, depending on the quantity applied. They can also be used as party and holiday make-up for children. -----------------Apply them with a brush or by patting the skin with a sponge. Apply several times until you achieve the desired effect. Powder lightly to fix. Remove with Cleansing Oil or water and mild soap.--------------Emollient oils High concentration of pigments Plant and candelilla waxes.

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